Pastelmat® Testimonials

Pastelmat® by Clairefontaine is the only paper that has all the qualities required to create my realistic art. I have never found another paper that combines the ability to add multiple layers with a smoothness that is beautiful to blend upon and gentle on the finger tips. And believe me, I have tested virtually every pastel paper available.

I use no other paper for my art and it is always the one that I suggest to all the thousands of Patreon art channel students I have taught over the years.

It truly is unique.

- Jason Morgan
Professional artist, tutor and photographer.

Pastelmat® is a staple in my studio. You can achieve many layers and blend beautifully on pastelmat. It allows you to create very tedious detailed artworks beyond what their competitors can achieve. I also love how it can take wet mediums to under-paint your values or to be able to skip this step altogether and work straight onto one of the many different beautifully toned paper/boards available.

- Teagan Lee MacRae

I am a relatively new artist, having painted for only a couple of years. This rose was my first attempt at painting a flower on Pastelmat paper. I could not have achieved the detail and overall effect on any other paper. Since this first experience, Pastelmat® has become my "go to" surface for all pastel paintings, and I often use it for my Colored Pencil paintings as well.

- Shelley Van Doran

When I started in Pastels I learned from Jason Morgan. His recommendations of using pastelmat was the best suggestion. I value his experience and knowledge. The way the pastels adhere and blend on the pastelmat makes a big difference in the end result of the painting. I will never use anything else!

- Pat Schwab

I picked this work to show how I love the details I can get with my pastels as well as the softness I can create as details blur with the perspective. Pastelmat allows me so many ways to work with every type of pastel I want, without dust! Having the ability to push in many layers and still get details and highlights on top is definitely something I can only get in Pastelmat®. It is and will remain my go to paper as nothing else out there compares to it.

- Leslie Fuller

I love using the dark grey Pastelmat®, such a versatile colour and goes with most of my portraits.

- Karl Royce Art

Pastelmat® Testimonials

" I have been using Pastelmat® paper since it came to the United States from France several years ago. It is my go to paper of choice because of its smooth velvety surface. It still grabs the pastel just like the traditional sanded papers yet it does not eat up your pastels and there's minimal dust. As a professional art educator for over 30 years and trying all the pastel papers available I highly recommend this paper to all of my students. "

- Dannielle Mick

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